Matilda and I are showing you the new "Gatsby" hat and pocket wrap scarf.


AdorablyAudrey's hats, head wraps, neck warmers, mittens, scarfs
and oh-so-cozy pocket wraps are
all made from
vintage quality wool and other materials.

One size fit most and can be hand washed in cool or cold water.


Meet Audrey

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Fall is coming!

Get your Gatsby on!



Look for this label in each hat. It's an authentic Adorably Audrey® hat!


Unique Fashion!

No two hats are ever the same!


Audrey uses clean re-purposed fibers and vintage inspired designs for her one-of-a-kind hats for women. What ever your style is; fashion first, shabby chic, a hat to wear to social events, sport outings, on skiing trip or you just want to stay warm, you'll enjoy wearing an adorably audrey® hat.


     • Warm and comfortable

           • Lightweight - Lined

                • For any occasion

                     • Washable with a mild soap and line dry

                          • Variety of styles

                               • Classic to Shabby Chic

                                    • Suitable for any age

                                         • Hats fit most heads

                                            • Affordable!


eMail Audrey for price and availability.

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key in:


Forever loved!



Cozy up while venturing out with your adorablyaudrey wares . . .
stay toasty warm this winter!


New this Fall - Get your Gatsby on!


Fun and fashionable!
Just think of the
compliments you'll receive!


Gatsby with pocket wrap

Abbey Hats Come in Two Styles

Abbey with pocket wrap

A modern twist on the
1920's classic

Warm and Cozy


Abbey with pocket wrap



Abbey Vintage Hats

Inspired by the TV series Downton Abbey


The Weekender

Weekender hat with
pocket wrap.

Weekender hats are made from thick fleece and just the right accent to any outfit.

Hats come in solid colors
and plaids.


Weekender hat with
neck warmer.

Windy City Hats

Windy City Hats are extra warm. Made from vintage wools and lined with thick fleece to keep you

extra warm this winter!




Cold hands, warm hearts!


Cheering on your team in a head wrap!

U of L fans stay warm while cheering
on their team in an AdorablyAudrey team-logo head wrap!

My little Cards' fan!

Always a Bear's fan!



Re-purposed fibers

are hand washable

using a mild soap

then line dry.

A taste of Winter!

Mittens, Scarves and hats are a great way to express your personality in the cold winter!


Mittens are made from vintage wools and lined with thick fleece to keep your hands toasty warm. Each pair is coordinated in a wide range of colors and pattern combinations. One of a kind mittens fits most hands. 
Mittens can be hand washed in cold water and
hung on a line.



Head Wraps

Riley makes
my heart smile!

Flurries of fun!



Head wraps keep you warm and are comfortable to wear. Made from a variety of vintage wools and lined with thick fleece for that extra layer of warmth!


One size fits most.


$22.00 to $26.00


Email Audrey
for price and availability.


All are one-of-a-kind and may not be available now.

Neck Warmers

Blossom Neck Warmer,
so soft and warm!


Neck Warmers are fitted around your neck and secured by a large snap.


Once size fits most.


The neck warmer can be adjusted by carefully removing the bottom snap with a seam ripper and relocating it to enlarge or decreasing the neck line.   

$24.00 to $30.00

Pocket Wraps

Gabsy hat and matching pocket wrap.






Pocket wraps are stylish, comfortable and functional. Each wrap is lined with thick fleece and is 64" long. The two pockets are perfect for warming your hands, holding car keys, phone and more.


Hand wash in cold water, line dry.



Windy City hat and matching pocket wrap


See the many varieties of hats that have already been sold!

Look . . .


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